1. #DONDELATOUR.GETJUICED.2014 last weekend for AM GETTING PAID Timebomb distribution took the team out to Montreal, rented an apartment and turned the contest weekend into a little filming trip. Here is stuff I shot, edited by @Tyler_the_destroyer. Full edit coming soon! @kingshitmag @timebombtrading #dondelatour #kayo #kingshitmag featuring @dillonmoore272 @dgkwade @drew_mcgraw1 @schmaleekk @mikecampbellsoup @mystks @mitch_dons @maxfine @jasonwilson100 @kodesb @cephler

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  3. KICKFLIP.GETJUICED.2014 @Dillonmoore272 #dondelakayo

    KICKFLIP.GETJUICED.2014 @Dillonmoore272 #dondelakayo

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  4. NYJAHDOESIT.GETJUICED.2014 #nyjah #ashbridges #asphaltyachtclub

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  5. Nyjah Huston skating at Ashbridges skatepark in Toronto during the Asphalt Summer demo 2014 .

    stay updated at http://getjuiced.tumblr.com

    video by Tomas Morrison

    This video was shot on a Panasonic HPX170Thank you http://www.asphaltyachtclub.com

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  6. CBC.GETJUICED.2014 @morganersmith #toronto #CBC

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  7. BREGIES.GETJUICED.2014 @dgkwade @donchron @morganersmith @cephler #toronto

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  8. LIFEHAMMERS.GETJUICED.2014 @seanmacalister Over 11 thousand photos in this show. #DAYUMPLAYER

    LIFEHAMMERS.GETJUICED.2014 @seanmacalister Over 11 thousand photos in this show. #DAYUMPLAYER

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  9. This skateboard video was shot exclusively in downtown Toronto in the year of 2013. This Montage includes skating by Morgan Smith, Paul Liliani, Jay Brown, Geoff Smith, Tomas Morrison, Nathan Olokun, Mike McCourt, Robert Mentov, Warren Ounjian, Sean Macallaster, Donovan Jones, Nolan Waller, Tommy Tereshyn, John Lenny, Corey Wozney, Adam Reid, and Colin Passy. 

    The song used in the edit was by Mr. Ozio Positif from the album Lambs Anger. Album available through http://www.oizo3000.com

    This video was shot on a Panasonic GH2 with a Lumix 8mm Fisheye/14mm-140mm Lumix. The handle used was provided by http://www.eazydolly.com only handle in the game worth using.

    Thank you to http://kadencedist.ca for the equipment. Also go check out these Toronto Skate shops when you visit  http://www.adriftonline.com http://bluetilelounge.ca

    Thanks for watching.


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  10. WADEDESARMO.FIRINGLINE.GETJUICED.2014 @dgkwade @thrashermag #firingline #thrasher

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  12. TINDERAFTERMATH.GETJUICED.2014 @buttermachine69 @morganersmith

    TINDERAFTERMATH.GETJUICED.2014 @buttermachine69 @morganersmith

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  13. SKETCHY @buttermachine69 @morganersmith

    SKETCHY @buttermachine69 @morganersmith

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